French Jewellery Case

The French Jewellery Case is unsurprisingly an all-time customer favourite at Price & Sons. Featuring two delicate drawers, a beauty mirror and side handles. 

Paint Your Own Ceramic

For the hobbyist or some holiday fun for the family, paint your own ceramics and personalise your outdoor decorations. This Garden Gnome makes a great gift!

Bouquet Rose ball

Enliven an entranceway with this Bouquet Rose ball. Suitable for indoors or outdoors, a floral piece really lifts the mood of a space.

Oval Mirror

This simple but elegant Oval Mirror looks great with any interior, from modern to vintage. It has fittings for vertical or horizontal mounting, and for the first time this popular piece is available for purchase here.

Wicker basket

On the patio or in the parlour, a wicker flower basket adds that cottage touch. Suitable for any of our range of bouquets which can be viewed online here.